Legal and Institutional Solutions

  • Consultancy service

    The consultancy service may concern strategic consultancy and project planning and management, communication, public affairs, tender procedures (up to the management of contracts for the supply of goods and services) and corporate recovery

  • Multidisciplinary Approach

    The multidisciplinary approach organized by LPA (legal, economic, project engineering and management) is useful for companies to understand and achieve the authorization processes, the preliminary evaluations for investments, and the methods of accessing promotion and support tools.

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Our partners

The quality of our services is assured by the very hight profile of our partners.

Our services

Financial advice

LPA, together with selected partners, assists companies for financial advice to support initiatives and for finding finance, through the banking

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Business strategy and investment project planning

In reaction to changing context conditions, due to the market, the regulatory framework, the technological progress or the international competition,

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Public Affairs and Communication

LPA provides a public affairs service for relations with Governments and public administrations, on Legislative – regulatory and authorization thematic.

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Legal advice (up to pre-litigation)

Legal and Public Affairs covers the main areas of specialization, including advertising profiles, civil, corporate, commercial and business crisis administrative

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