Associate Professor at the Department of Business Economics Law Productive at “Università La Sapienza” – University of Rome, is holder of the teachings in Networks and Regulated Markets Law and Market and Instruments Law Financial, is author of numerous scientific publications and is an expert in banking and business consulting, both public and private. Is been legal advisor to the President of Antitrust Authority on local public services and President of the Authority on Public Services of the Municipality of Rome. He was also President of the Equalization Fund for the electricity sector, President of AGECONTROL (control agency on agricultural production) and President of Bredamenarini Bus s.p.a. He was finally General Manager, and then President, of the Advisory Board of H3G, now is Chairman of the EP board of statutory auditors.

Cesare San Mauro

Lawyer and professor

cassation lawyer, became in 1987 permanent Professor of Administrative Law and Urban Planning Law in Venice, then of Economic Law at the Higher School of Public Administration and, finally, at the Faculty of Economics of “La Sapienza” – University of Rome. Now teaches Public Economic Law at LUMSA and Cultural Heritage Law at UNINETTUNO LUMSA both University of Rome, and is been a member of the Executive Committee of the Italian Association of Urban Law – AIDU. He is a founding member, and honorary President, of the Association of Teachers of Economic Law (ADDE) and is been Vice President, and President, of many Banks. Now is consultant for Ministries, Regions and Municipalities and is the author of  40  books and over 150 essays and articles.

Sandro Amorosino

lawyer and professor

Permanent Professor of Tax Law at the Faculty of Law at “La Sapienza” – University of Rome, is also cassation lawyer. Expert in tax law, corporate law, and contracts; has managed numerous acquisitions and mergers, and also national and international corporate reorganizations. Is the author of many scientific publications and is been a member of the Guarantor Authority on the right to strike.

Pietro Boria

Lawyer and professor

Expert in commercial, domestic and international law. Is Member of the Corapi Law Firm, which offers highly specialized assistance in sector of corporate, banking and finance, insurance and infrastructure law, at Italian, European and international level. The firm also provides assistance in arbitration and mediation proceedings, at national and international level.

Tommaso Corapi


Financial Advisor and Wealth Advisor of Banca Generali. Directly, or by collaborating with the best international databases and excellent advisors, provides advice in the allocation of assets and in the search for sources of financing for the liabilities. He manages financial planning, customer analysis and investment solutions, also manages assets according to specific programs, and investment methods. He operates in the areas of family business and family governance, and deals with the management of family relationships for the financial, real estate and entrepreneurial aspects, including the intergenerational transmission of wealth.

Paolo Damiani

financial advisor

Di Pardo Law Firm was selected by the newspaper “Il Sole24ore“, among the best law firms in Italy in 2019 in the sectors: administrative, environment, taxation, labor and litigation; in 2020 in the sectors: Administrative and Procurement, Litigation and Arbitration, Life Science and Healthcare, Taxation, Environment, Energy and Infrastructure, Work and Welfare. Di Pardo law firm won Le Fonti Awards in 2018, which Boutique of excellence of the year for “Public Contracts” and in 2019 which “Lawyer of the year in Public procurement“. Since 2020, Di Pardo Law Firm is National Business Partner of Partner 24ore – Ilsole24ore.

Di Pardo - Law Firm

Cassation lawyer, is specialized in Administrative Law at the SP.I.S.A. – University of Bologna, and also specialized in Project financing legal and technical financial aspects – University of Salerno. Is been Professor, or speaker, at conferences, specialized seminars, university masters in matters pertaining to administrative law with particular reference to public contracts.

Giuliano Di Pardo


Cassation lawyer, is Professor of Administrative Law at the Faculty of Law of Pegaso – Telematic University. He specialized in Administrative Law and Administration Science at the Federico II – University of Naples. Is been tax judge and member of the Regional Tax Commission.  Is been Professor, or speaker, at conferences, specialized seminars, university masters in the subjects related to administrative law (for ex.: urban planning, electoral and health).

Salvatore Di Pardo


Expert in labor law, legal advisor of the biggest Italian car company, now multinational, and consultant of groups, national and multinational companies, banking and insurance institutions. Is a consultant for public and private entities, in labor law and for treatment, and the protection, of personal data in the management of the employment relationship. It assists companies in solving problems relating to the execution, or termination, of contracts, for corporate restructuring, including in competition form.

Italico Perlini


Member of the Technical Scientific Committee of APRE (European Research Agency), of the Board of Directors of ENR (National Research and promotion of Standardization), and President of the Management Committee of (structure owned by ENEA and INGV for development of skills and provision of technical-scientific services in the sector of the protection of critical infrastructures). From 1981 to 1997 is been General Director of the Entity for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment (ENEA) and, until 2003, Permanent Professor of Economics Applied to Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of “Rome Three” University of Rome.  From December 2003 to July 2004 he was a member of the Authority for Electricity and Gas, then moved on to the National Research Council (CNR) of which he was President until 2007. Until December 2012 he was at the top of the ”public body for the Digitization of the Public Administration (President of the CNIPA – National Center for Information Technology in the Public Administration) – Extraordinary Commissioner and then Member of the Steering Committee of DigitPa, the Body – now AGID – born in 2009 from the transformation of the CNIPA.

Fabio Pistella


After some experience in various construction companies, and engineering companies, he moved to the SNIA group as assistant to the CEO, then responsible of the production of composite materials. When SNIA became part of the FIAT group, he held various roles in the components sector, until became CEO of Fiat Avio (components of aero engines, space propulsion, components for turbines for the production of electricity); in that period is born the Vega project, a space launcher for small-sized satellites designed and produced in Italy, today the pride of Italian technology and an effective tool for commercial exploitation of space. He negotiated the purchase of Alfa Romeo Avio and carried out the merger, and incorporation, of the two companies. After leaving FIAT, through Gemina, he built and followed a portfolio of investments ranging from helicopter services to energy production to air traffic control systems, as well as large constructions with Impregilo, of which he is been CEO. In that period he led the consortium for the privatization of the Rome Airports (AdR), of which he was later appointed CEO. After Gemina he started an entrepreneurial activity through the company Bona Dea, as President, gradually becoming interested in the production of energy from renewable sources, the design, construction of water treatment plants and finally chains of dental surgeries.

Pier Giorgio Romiti


Graduated in Criminal Law at “La Sapienza” – University of Rome, Lawyer.

From 1980 to 2019 he was manager of a leading international bank, from 1987 to 2001 also City Councilor of Rome with the position of V.Pres. in Budget Commission; for many years he is been Professor in the second level master of European Law (Third University of Rome) referent for competition, State aid, crisis management, national and european regulations in corporate and economic law, international insolvency, organizational models D.LGS 231/2001 and Local Public Services.

On behalf of the Mayor of Rome, he is been a Director of Italgas (ENI Group).

Bank manager of BNL Group, until 2007 is been responsible for the international litigation (Corporate and sovereign debt management of developing countries), actively managing the most relevant international crisis negotiations and discussing with leading world banks and Italian and international organizations (MAE, Bankitalia, IMF etc.) the most relevant dossiers (ex: IRAQ, Eurotunnel, Enron, Argentina).

Paolo Spaziani

Lawyer and Single administrator of LPA